Tuesday, July 21, 2009

'Breaking Free' Overcoming Pornography and Sexual Addiction

'Breaking Free' Overcoming Pornography and Sexual Addiction

MEDIA ADVISORY, July 17 /Christian Newswire/ -- Could half of Christian men have a problem with porn, as so many of the statistics say? Porn is reported to be a $12 billion dollar industry in the U.S. Fifty percent of men viewed pornography within one week of attending a Promise Keepers event...54% of pastors said they viewed porn within the past year in a Pastors.com survey...in a 2003 Focus on the Family poll 47% of respondents said porn is a problem in their home.

Real Issues Ministries, a Georgia para-church ministry is conducting workshops and training men to become support group facilitators in the battle against pornography and sexual addiction.

Although the ministry addresses other relevant issues of our time Breaking Free! is the workshop that is most requested.

The 4-hour, men only, work shop answers the question; "How can a young man keep pure, in an impure world?"

Some of the topics include: What is Pornography? What is the Definition of Sexual Addiction? What Are the Signs of a Sexual Addiction? Two Major Steps to Breaking Free! Healthy Sexuality: God's Plan for Sex, and much more.

Real Issues Ministries also offers an 8-week closed support group and there is a training program for equipping men to become Support Group Facilitators at their local church or ministry.

Plans are underway to offer a version of the workshop and support group for teens and women.

Every Pastor, minister, caregiver, parent, friend, family member or individual who seeks to understand the dangers and challenges of pornography or knows of someone who is wrestling with this issue should host or attend.

For more information go on line to: www.therealissuesoflife.org or call 770 256-0344.

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